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Sağlık ve Göç Konusunda DSÖ Küresel Araştırma Gündemi Belirleme - Akademik uzmanlar ve Devlet Dışı Aktörler ile teknik istişareler için iki açık çağrı - Son tarih: 1 Kasım 2022 24:00

WHO Global Research Agenda Setting on Health and Migration - Two open calls for expression of interest for technical consultations with academic experts and with Non-State Actors – Deadline: 1 November 2022 24:00 (midnight) CET

The WHO Health and Migration Programme is pleased to inform you that two calls for expression of interest for technical consultations with academic experts and with Non-State Actors have been recently launched. More information on submissions, the selection process, and eligibility criteria can be found at the links below:  


Please feel free to disseminate the two calls within your relevant networks. The deadline for applications for both calls is 1 November 2022 24:00 (midnight) CET. 


The series of technical consultations will contribute to the formation of the first WHO global research agenda on health and migration. The expert consultations will be the start of a further research agenda setting, engaging at global, regional, and country levels over the next few years. In addition, these technical consultations with academia, civil society, and WHO regional offices and headquarters, will also inform the next steps of the WHO Global Action Plan on promoting the health of refugees and migrants.


The purpose of these open calls is to invite academic experts and civil society organizations to attend technical consultations. The consultations will aim to identify research gaps and opportunities globally in health and migration, and subsequently in later consultations determine global research priorities. Part of the consultation will be structured around the WHO triple billion themes of: universal health coverage, healthier populations, and health emergencies, as they relate to migration and displacement. The intention is to engage stakeholders across all regions and countries who have expertise in the field of migrant and refugee health.


Kind regards


Health and Migration Program (PHM)

Office of the Deputy Director-General

World Health OrganizationGeneva – Switzerland