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Incoming Students Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar / Fall

September 9 - 10

Arrival of Incoming Exchange Students (Dorm check-in begins)  

September 11 - 15  

Orientation Week

September 18

First Day of Classes

September 18 –October 18

Add-Drop Period –During the Mobility

October 29

93rd Anniversary of the Founding of the Turkish Republic (Holiday)  

November 10

Remembrance Day for Ataturk

January 1

New Year’s Day (Holiday)

January 8 - 9

Additional Final Exam Days (in case of need due to bad weather conditions)  

January 10 - 11

Make-up Exams

January 12 - 13

Dorm Check-out

Academic Calendar / Spring

January 27 - 31

Arrival of Incoming Exchange Students (Dorm check-in begins)  

 February 03-07  

Orientation Week

February 10

First Day of Classes

February 17-21

Add-Drop Period

April 23

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day (Holiday)

May 1

Labor and Solidarity Day (Holiday)

May 19

Youth and Sports Day (Holiday)

Agust 1

Finish of Spring Lecture


Academic Calendar / Summer Period

June 29 - 30

Arrival of Incoming Summer Exchange Students (Dorm check-in begins)  

July 1-3

Orientation Week

July 4

First Day of Classes

Agust 31 Finish of Lecture


Dilek ve Önerileriniz İçin RİMER
(Rektörlük İletişim Merkezi)