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Incoming Students

When you are accepted as an Exchange Student, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Office of International Programs will send you an e-mail including a pre-arrival guide that gives you all neccesary information about getting a visa, required documents for your residence permit, the procedures about health insurance as well as academics, student life and transportation. Please do not e-mail departmental coordinator about residence permit, accomidation, transport, health insurance or else.

Please prepare your Learning Agrement depend on the Course List. In that step, please check the online cources on web-site. All avaliable cources will be updated on web-site.

Course List: http://erasmus.comu.edu.tr/incoming-students/course-list-and-learning-agreement.html

After complete to prepare your Learning Agrement, please inform your Erasmus Faculty Coordinator  sduygucomu.edu.tr to check your final Learning Agrement Form. After Erasmus Medical Faculty Coordinator sign your document, the document will be send to ÇOMU-Office of International Programs to finalise the official procedure.

You will receive confirmation from Office of International Programs via e-mail. And after you complete the all process related to Office of International Programs then you will have an appointment with Departmental Coordinator and Co-coordinators to welcome meeting.


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