Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi
Tıp Fakültesi

Rules for Erasmus Students
  • Students must collect and provide all the required documents and apply before the mentioned application deadlines. 
  • During their mobility, students are responsible to apply and complete all during the mobility procedure within the first month of mobility.
  • Students are responsible for applying for the student visa form the host country consulate following to their acceptance letters.
  • During mobility LA for studies registers changes of the proposed mobility programme: Table A2 includes deleted or added courses/modules. Table B2 registers changes for recognition by Sending institution.
  • During mobility LA for training registers changes of the proposed mobility programme: Table A2 includes exceptional changes in the agreement for traineeship.
  • All Erasmus papers must be contain the lecture with active ULP codes. The papers that requested non-ULP codes will not be sign. Any Learning Agrement or During Mobility Request with non-ULP codes will not be sign or replied back. 
  • During mobility, the Erasmus exchange student is a student of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.This means student has got the same rights and duties of Turkish students.
  • Erasmus department coordinators will be assisting Erasmus Students to select their courses in their Learning Agreement (LA) and Learning Agreement Change (LA Change) during the “Course Registration and Add/Drop Week”. They help students with the academic issues. Please take appointment before you visit your Erasmus Coordinator and respect the calendar for changing your LA. No changes will be allowed for your LA after the Add/Drop week.
  • Students must provide a health insurance that covers the duration of their whole mobility period.
  • Students must obey to the regulations and working hours of the host university during their whole mobility period.